The Tech Industry is amazing at providing fantastic pay, good job security, and the world’s most challenging problems. The benefits don’t end there though! There are literally hundreds of fantastic places to work at and it can be a bit overwhelming when setting out on the job hunt, that’s why we created a guide to the top 10 companies for an IT professional to work at. In this guide you’ll find out why IT workplaces are unique, our 10 favorite companies, and some tips on getting your foot in the door! If you want to know about the top 10 companies for IT professionals to work at then read on!

What is unique about IT workplace environments?

The current IT Workplace is unique in that companies seek to build family and community. You’ll hear that a lot when we discuss different companies. Also compensation is relatively similar amongst the industry for professionals (Often exceeding $100,000 for programming or engineer roles). It’s universal too that these tech companies offer generous time off (Often 60 days or even unlimited), 100% paid for benefits, generous stock options. If you want to be wealthy, the tech industry is the place. If you want to have good work life balance, it’s also a fantastic option for that!

What are Soft Benefits?

IT workers get what is known in the industry as “Soft Benefits,” that is, benefits that are more than just money and healthcare. The Tech industry is insanely competitive and as such, large power-house companies offer a large variety of soft benefits that keep work-life balance and make happy employees. A good example of soft benefits are on-campus housing, free lunches, and even bars for after hour comradery. Many companies offer similar salaries to full-time employees in the same occupational field but compensate using a variety of methods. Others offer amazing seasonal bonuses that incentivize a company to do well and staff to work hard.


Justworks is a smaller startup that exists to help entrepreneurs take the necessary steps to develop HR, payroll, and benefits to that they can focus on growing the business without those burdens. Justworks has an amazing friendly environment that actually allows dogs! So puppy lovers can rest assured they’ll be able to bring man’s best friend to the office. Besides retreats and outings, unlimited snacks and drinks, work from anywhere options (An entire team can go travel if they want!) they offer great compensation, good stock options, and some of the best family environment around.


Salesforce works in the background as the world’s number one CRM provider (Software for managing customer information). A relatively newer company, they are rated one of the best places to work in the world. Recently they invested heavily into full-time Equality Advocacy, a method that surveys the company and constantly evaluates whether or not people are marginalized by religion, race, gender, national origin, or sexual preference. This has resulted in $3 million being spent to address inequality in pay and bonuses. They use open-office design and offer an Ohana workspace with food, accommodations, and community (Family).

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It sounds a bit ambiguous but MuleSoft helps connect applications, devices, software and more in a standardized industry way. With a near universal love by those who’ve reviewed MuleSoft online, they are a US Tech company with over 1200 employees. MuleSoft is special because they go out of the way to plan events and encourage staff to build an amazing community at the office. With Annual MeetUps, giving programs, the MulePack (Which plans excellent events like BBQs and Trivia nights), and the Employee referral program offering $3000 for a new hire, MuleSoft takes care of the employees and takes care of them well.


Highfive has developed one of the worlds best conferencing platforms so that businesses can maximize communication from department to department. With a small staff of 85 members and one location in Redwood City, California, Highfive isn’t a huge company but it’s a great one. Staff is given a generous IT budget on day one to buy what they need, a card for free coffee trips, Commuter benefits, Stock options, and Gym membership. The small environment also means a friendly fun environment where you really contribute to the success of Highfive.


Using Lean, Agile, and other strategies, CI&T helps build innovative digital experiences for large enterprise businesses. At over two decades old, CI&T has expanded to multiple locations and boasts a staff of 2500. Many of the perks from CI&T come from the ability to address grievances quickly, digitally, and anonymously. A fantastic sharing culture. Programs focused on giving employees great breaks, and the Happy Feet program, designed around helping the business grow in line with employee needs and wants.


Nvidia is a secret powerhouse that produces some of the worlds best Ai and Graphical components. In the last few years, they’ve rallied stocks from a few dollars to over $200 a share. They’ve taken the graphical market by storm and hold that spot with an iron grip. So it’s no working for Nvidia is considered a prime gig. One of the premium perks of working at Nvidia is the Gaming scene. If you love gaming, you’ll love the community and comradery based around building insane desktop rigs. Tackling the worlds hardest digital problems. And getting paid a lot of money! As a company they have offices world-wide with Mandarin speakers being able to particularly find good gigs among them. They are legendary for giving unlimited time off and huge maternity leave options for families.


Hubspot works with CRM technology to help companies connect with clients. They place a high-priority on diversity with numerous programs for minorities and marginalized people groups. With several different inclusion programs and roles for woman at the board and CEO level, Hubspot allows anyone to make a difference. They seek a family environment and compensate generously.


Indeed is the #1 Job site in the world! Working for Indeed has numerous benefits such as employee perks, events and parties, a generous program for donating to charities, and a sweet employee store. One of the best perks is the ability to take off unlimited time, over 80 days of job protected maternity leave, and an abundance of high-paying gigs!


Button works behind the scenes with the mobile platforms of some of the world’s biggest companies like Buzzfeed, Walmart, and Foursquare. They are known in the industry for amazing catered lunches Monday-Thursday, provided by top-notch local restaurants, and Friday even being able to select from a menu at local places. Quarterly retreats, paid vacation with a stipend, even a sabbatical program. Button caters to personal and emotional health, while keeping employees fed and happy!


Is a platform that helps email to work better at a business level. The employee hire process is amazing and actually gives each new hire some Q&A time with the CEO themselves. Employees are regularly recognized and provided meals. Everyone is allotted a $75 bonus for cellphone use as well and given $100 a month for self-care. As a company they invest in the employees who are whimsically known as Gridders!

How can I get a job at these incredible companies?

One option is learning a programming language, going to school for computer science, and creating some sort of test program that will impress an interviewer. The best companies are ALWAYS looking for talented programmers and those who possess unique skills for tackling today’s biggest problems in tech. That can take a lot of preparation and schooling though!

If you want to start working in the Tech world immediately though, we recommend learning some new skills and picking up some Certifications! Certs usually allow you to work in a variety of technical fields and help get your foot in the door. With a steady job at a company you love or a similar company, you can afford to work during the day and pursue the necessary education for your dreams in the evenings! One of the best starter certifications is CompTIA A+, for just a few hundred dollars you can get tested, certified, and enter the workforce earning over $45,000 a year. To see what the process looks like, hop over to and find the 220-901 and 220-902 exams. Examtopics offers free practice exams that give you a pretty realistic view of what a real test for these subjects will be like. Get a cert, some experience, and then hop over to a tech company review site to see what makes them hire fantastic talent!

Thanks for joining us and learning about the top 10 companies for an IT professional to work at. It’s not easy by any means to pursue the Tech Industry but it rewards you immensely without the need for back-breaking labor and some of the best potential for upward mobility anywhere. If you’ve liked this guide, please comment and subscribe to our updates. We love bringing the best information on certification available to those who want to get a career in tech. Also browse around and check out some of our other work on specific certifications! Until next time, good luck!